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March 2019

Huawei Smart Offer

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Here at INGINIA we always want to provide best services, solutions and of course prices for our customers. That is why, we have prepared a special offer for you, in cooperation with Huawei.

Huawei Smart Offer is an opportunity to get Huawei storage, with various configuration, for special prices. Find the right storage solution that fits your demand for a price of HDD. Besides the quality storage and price, INGINIA will provide for you a Huawei p20 PRO as a gift but only until 30th April 2019.

If you can’t decide or you don’t know which storage is suitable for your requirements, we offer you to try! Right now you can get a Huawei storage OceanStor2200 installed to you company for 2 weeks completely free. Our technicians will take care of everything and at the end of trial will discuss which solution you should be purchasing. If you decide, at the end not to purchase anything, it’s fine. This trial comes with no strings to INGINIA. Offer is available until 30th June 2019.

Check the offer here:



Chez INGINIA, nous voulons toujours fournir les meilleurs services, solutions et bien entendu les meilleurs prix à nos clients. C’est pourquoi, nous avons préparé une offre spéciale pour vous, en coopération avec Huawei.

Huawei Smart Offer est l’occasion d’obtenir un stockage Huawei, avec différentes configurations, à des prix spéciaux. Trouvez la solution de stockage adaptée à votre demande pour un prix de disque dur. Outre la qualité de stockage et le prix, INGINIA vous fournira un Huawei p20 PRO en cadeau, mais seulement jusqu’au 30 avril 2019.

Si vous ne pouvez pas décider ou vous ne savez pas quel stockage correspond à vos exigences, nous vous proposons essayer! À l’heure actuelle, vous pouvez obtenir un stockage Huawei OceanStor2200 installé dans votre entreprise pendant deux semaines entièrement gratuite. Nos techniciens s’occuperont de tout et à la fin de l’essai, ils discuteront de la solution à acheter. Si vous décidez, à la fin, de ne rien acheter, c’est bien. Cet essai n’a n’impose aucune obligation pour INGINIA ni pour le stockage. L’offre est valable jusqu’au 30 juin 2019.

Consultez l’offre ici:

INGINIA as a Gold partner at DELL EMC

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INGINIA is proud to inform you that for 2019, INGINIA has been granted as Gold Dell EMC Partner.

2019 is a year full of opportunities. Together, Dell Technologies and INGINIA SA will seize them and provide the best solutions, to fulfill our clients requirements. We know, that strong partnership will help us to achieve great results to be a leading provider.

At INGINIA we will take full advantage of our Gold level which will accelerate our growth in  areas such as Converged Infrastructure, Data protection, Server and Storage.



INGINIA est fier de vous informer que pour cette années 2019, INGINIA à reçu le niveau Gold en tant que partenaire Dell EMC.

2019 est une année riche en opportunités. Ensemble, Dell Technologies et INGINIA SA les saisiront et fourniront les meilleures solutions pour répondre aux besoins de nos clients. Nous savons que ce partenariat solide nous aidera à atteindre d’excellents résultats pour rester un intégrateur de premier plan.

Chez INGINIA, nous tirerons pleinement parti de notre niveau Gold, ce qui accélérera notre croissance dans des domaines tels que l’infrastructure convergée, la protection des données, les serveurs et le stockage.


INGINIA is openning new partnership with HUAWEI

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INGINIA is pleased to announce the opening of a new strategic partnership with HUAWEI, a world leader in IT infrastructure.

With this new partnership, INGINIA intends to strengthen its “Infrastructure” division by providing our customers with HUAWEI solutions in the areas of networks, storage, servers and security.

As an integrator, INGINIA constantly adapts its portfolio in order to better meet the requirements of these clients by enabling them to find a suitable solution for their IT transformation projects. More than ever, INGINIA is the “partner” you need to support your new challenges. In addition to these cloud solutions, INGINIA remains a leading provider of traditional solutions integrating hardware, software and services. It is in this context that this new partnership becomes relevant.



Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services



INGINIA est heureuse d’annoncer l’ouverture d’un nouveau partenariat stratégique avec HUAWEI, un des leaders mondiaux des infrastructures IT.

Avec ce nouveau partenariat, INGINIA entend renforcer sa division « Infrastructure » en fournissant à nos clients des solutions HUAWEI dans les domaines du réseaux, du stockage, des serveurs et de la sécurité.

En tant qu’intégrateur, INGINIA adapte constamment sont portefeuille afin de répondre aux mieux aux exigence de ces clients en leurs permettant de trouver chez nous une réponse adaptée à leurs projets de transformation IT. Plus que jamais, INGINIA est « le partenaire » qu’il vous faut pour un accompagnement vers vos nouveaux challenges.  En plus de ces solutions Cloud, INGINIA reste un important fournisseur de solutions traditionnelles intégrant matériels, logiciels et prestations de services. C’est dans ce cadre que ce nouveau partenariat prend toute sa pertinence.


A propos de HUAWEI :

Huawei est un prestataire international leader en infrastructures et appareils connectés de technologies de l’information et de la communication. Avec des solutions intégrées à travers quatre domaines clés, les réseaux de télécommunications, l’informatique, les appareils connectés et les services sur le Cloud.


Launch New Web Site INGINIA

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INGINIA is proud to present today our new website. We redesigned our entire internet showcase to better reflect the adaptations of our integrator profession. Indeed, with the emergence of new technology, the infrastructure trades are undergoing a transformation. This transition is mainly driven by the increasingly rapid adoption of cloud in businesses. As a historical integrator, INGINIA has adapted its services offers to enable our customers to find a suitable solution for their transformation projects. More than ever, INGINIA is the “partner” you need to support these new challenges. Of course, INGINIA remains, and will remain, a provider of traditional solutions integrating hardware, software and services. We are excited to introduce this new website and hope you enjoy reading it !



INGINIA est fière de présenter aujourd’hui sont nouveau site web. Nous avons repensé toute notre vitrine internet afin de refléter au mieux les adaptations de notre métier d’intégrateur. En effet, avec l’émergence de nouvelle technologie, les métiers de l’infrastructure sont en pleine transformation. Cette transition est principalement dirigée par l’adoption de plus en plus rapide du Cloud dans les entreprises. En tant qu’intégrateur historique, INGINIA à adapté sont offre de service afin de permettre à ces clients de trouver chez nous une réponse adaptée à leurs projets de transformation. Plus que jamais, INGINIA est « le partenaire » qu’il vous faut pour un accompagnement vers ces nouveaux challenges.  Bien entendu, INGINIA reste et restera également un fournisseur de solutions traditionnelles intégrant matériels, logiciels et prestations de services. Nous sommes ravis de vous présenter ce nouveau site Web et espérons que vous aurez plaisir à le consulter !



What level of public cloud adoption in Romandie ?

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The cloud is expanding. We wanted to know what our customers think of this new approach and to understand the reasons why companies decide whether or not to adopt. We conducted a study that details the positive and negative elements taken into account by the French-speaking decision-makers. The cloud computing revolution is on its way and occupies the minds of a majority of IT professionals. According to analysts, 20% of IT budgets will be spent in 2020. Whether Hybrid models, private or public, each IT department must study cloud computing and these new models based on consumer billing and a standardization of materials and processes. A majority of IT departments in France perceive the Cloud as a mature solution and strongly consider using it. 52% of respondents share this opinion while 33% think that the cloud is not mature enough to consider it. Only 15% sees it as a simple fashion effect.

What are companies looking for in the cloud?

Above all, a desire to gain agility and flexibility. The need to reduce operating costs comes next, followed by a need to simplify IT infrastructure. The companies also evoke a desire to refocus on their core business and finally to benefit from a financial tool to transform investments in operating expenses better controlled. It is interesting to note that only 3% of IT professionals perceive the Cloud as a risk for their current positions. Our survey shows that IT is comfortable with Cloud solutions. More than half think they have good knowledge. Only 3% declare that they lack information and have no competence in this area. For the rest, the respondents think they have basic skills allowing them to understand the concepts of Cloud Computing.

What kind of cloud resources?

Interest in the Cloud is split equally between a private infrastructure, a hybrid infrastructure, and the use of SaaS-based software. For the first category, it is about organizing its infrastructure and adapting these internal processes in order to consume its IT resources in a similar way, whether in public or private mode. The idea is to offer the same flexibility and eventually have the choice to quickly deport all or part of these resources to a public cloud.
Hybrid mode is the best of both worlds. Businesses are keeping track of their infrastructure, but outsourcing some of their resources to a public cloud. This outsourcing can take various forms. Either the use of SaaS software that integrates into the private infrastructure, or the use in IaaS mode of a public cloud infrastructure. The use of a backup service, the replication of critical data, the construction of a DRP infrastructure on a public cloud are all examples of Hybrid Cloud that are already widely adopted by companies.

And security?

Security is at the heart of any cloud project. It is a major concern for companies wishing to use cloud resources. For 22% of professionals consulted it is even a brake on the adoption of a public cloud strategy.
Apart from the security context of the applications specific to each company, we must trust the Cloud Provider for the bricks that are under his responsibility.



This mode of sharing responsibilities has the merit of being clear and simple for customers. On the other hand, it is complicated or even impossible to have precise information on the technologies used by public clouds. More than half of the companies find the level of information available insufficient or incomplete. One-third of the panel finds it too conceptual and lacking in detail. Only 7% are completely comfortable and find themselves well informed. It is clear that security is one of the key points of cloud strategies and that a thorough study is necessary for any decision making.

Geographical location

As a Swiss Cloud Integrator, we seek to measure the importance for companies to keep their data on the national territory. We also asked the question of the location of the legal for the Cloud Provider. The answers obtained are not surprising. For nearly 60% of respondents, the geographical location of data in Switzerland is an obligation. 25% find it important whereas only 15% consider it as a simple advantage.
As for entrusting this data to an external company, half of the panel thinks that it is obligatory to be under Swiss jurisdiction.
It is therefore clear that, whether by legal necessity, by a need for security and confidentiality or simply out of envy, the Swiss companies remain very attached to a localization of their data on the Swiss territory.

What are the barriers to adoption?

Although cloud adoption is growing strongly, some companies remain suspicious of this major change. We sought to better understand the fears in order to anticipate the potential obstacles to widespread adoption of the Cloud in Romandie.

Unsurprisingly, aspects related to security, data privacy and legal constraints are top of mind. Then come the loss of control of infrastructure for 12% of respondents. Compatibility with internal applications, issues related to licenses already acquiring and lack of information complete this list of fears.
A major evolution is underway

In the next 2 years, more than half of the companies in Romande will have all or part of their IT in a cloud while 36% will continue to treat their infrastructures in a traditional way.
The cloud, whatever the form chosen, is a major evolution in the way IT is conceived in the years to come. Each company must be able to accurately assess the benefits and risks of a cloud approach. With INGINIA, the Cloud adventure starts with an analysis of the maturity of IT organizations for the adoption of these new services, with the identification of potential points of development on the organizational and technological levels. We are able to support our customers throughout their cloud migration projects.