Cloud Services

INGINIA offers a wide range of cloud services under its ICS label. These cloud services are aimed at companies that want a “customized” cloud and for which the public cloud offer, like Azure, does not match.

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Cloud Backup Services

INGINIA cloud Backup Services guarantees you the outsourcing of your critical data. With ICBS you will have: your date in Switzerland, a simple and secure solution, a very competitive price, compatibility with Veeam, multi-site protection options, no fees for restorations, no bandwidth billing.

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Cloud Managed Services

INGINIA’s Managed Services are intended for all clients wishing to entrust their infrastructures to a company specialized in the management of infrastructures and workstations.

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Office 365

INGINIA offers a complete service catalog around Microsoft Office 365 solutions. Whether for the implementation of a new infrastructure, the migration of your local data to your Office 365 tenant, the daily support and the external backup of your data. We have solutions for any of your needs.

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huawei wi-fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 era is here and Huawei is a major contributor. Wi-Fi 6, the sixth generation of the Wi-Fi standard, introduces key 5G technologies, such as Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), uplink Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO), and higher-order coding 1,024-QAM.

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azure cloud

INGINIA offers a full service catalog around the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our teams support you for a simple and efficient transition to the Azure Cloud. We provide professional services for migrating your local data to your Azure tenant, daily support and external backup of your data. We have solutions for each of your needs.



As a specialist in data storage, INGINIA is a partner of choice to assist you in any of your storage projects. We work with our strategic partners to provide and implement solutions that best fit your needs. INGINIA works on all types of storage architecture, both in cloud and on premise mode. Our teams have extensive experience in Storage, Backup, Archiving and DRP projects.

Huawei & VeeamHuawei Smart offer

Compute &


Since its creation, INGINIA is one of the leading Swiss data center virtualization solutions specialist. We advise our customers in their critical projects of virtualization or implementation of a modern server architecture. Whether classic solutions, converged or hyperconverged, INGINIA offers to assist you throughout the production.


Everything as services

INGINIA offers to provide you with all IT solutions in “as services” mode. This includes hardware, software, professional services and managed services. Thanks to this new mode of supply, our customers benefit from all the flexibility of the Cloud even for projects that are not. We will gladly provide you with a quote for any type of need.

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RenewTracker is an asset management software designed to help you manage your software and hardware maintenance renewals. This easy and intuitive tool helps you reaching deadlines and anticipate you renewal budget over years.


Video Conference

INGINIA provide you with completely free Video Conference system. This solution will help you to keep contact with your team member, Customer and Partner. This Video Conference respect your privacy with GDPR standard. All data remains in Switzerland in our datacenter. We dont share any data with other third party.

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