OceanStor 2200



Would you like to try out if this storage fits to your business needs? Well right now you can for 2 weeks completely free without any obligations.

Let our technicians to install and prepare everything so you can focus on your company’s requirements. After 2 weeks of trial we will prepare an analysis that suggests what solution is most suitable.
After a free trail, if you decide for any configuration from Huawei, you will receive Huawei P20 PRO completely free from INGINIA.
What if your storage was not what you have imagined? No worries, this trial comes with no commitments to the goods nor to us.



Extensive Storage Portfolio

Meets the requirements in any enterprise application, spanning database and virtualization to big data, module, and cloud.

Considerable Customer Recognition

Servers 8,000+ customers in over 150 countries across various industries; named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Arrays.


Collaboration and Innovation

Continues to improve storage solutions through cooperative innovation projects and labs with customers, partners, research institutions, and top universities.