Reduce your IT costs by 50% with the Cloud INGINIA
INGINA offers you a Cloud service accompanied by a progressive promotion during the first 12 months

By entrusting us with your data, we offer you the possibility of benefiting from an infrastructure at the cutting edge of technology, highly secure and 100% Swiss. You will also benefit from a dedicated and isolated space, constantly monitored by our local engineers who will also be your only privileged points of contact during your interactions with INGINIA

Concentrate your strengths on your core business, INGINIA takes care of the rest

We offer you a tailor-made offer, optimized and adapted to your needs, allowing you predictable control over your IT budget at no additional cost
For this exceptional period of economic slowdown, we have developed a progressive offer helping you to save your cash during for the first 12 months. It is composed as follows:
1. & 2.
50% OFF
4.,5. & 6.
30% OFF
7. & 8.
20% OFF
20% OFF

10., 11. & 12.

10% OFF
Proposal based on your needs
+ Free migration
Thanks to this progressive payment plan, you will be able to restart your activities with complete peace of mind and focus on your core business. We will take care of your IT department and we will ensure full satisfaction with a quality of service superior to your current situation.
You are already hosted in another Cloud: We haven’t forgotten you !
Contact us to get a tailor made offer
benefit from the progressive schedule above!

Next Steps:

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We assure you that your activities will resume
within 4 weeks of the first contact.


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