INGINIA is pleased to announce its new partnership with Darktrace, a cyber defence company.

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Darktrace introduction

Darktrace is a cyber defence company, with technology based on new mathematics and machine Learning from the University of Cambridge.

It protects companies from serious threats by learing what is normal for an organization and its people, and thereby spotting energing anomalies.

Darktrace ‘s approach is a new class of cyber defence: The Enterprise Immune System.

The Enterprise Immune System can deal with uncertainty and delivers adaptive protection for corporations from both insider thereat ans Advanced cyber-attacks.


How does it work?

Darktrace is a software solution deployed in an appliance.  They plug into a span or tap in the core of your network giving you 100% visibility to network traffic and everything that is on it.  This usually takes an hour.  Then, using very clever mathematics and unsupervised machine learning from University of Cambridge, they quickly establish the normal pattern of life for every user, device, and enterprise as a whole.  

Now that they know what is normal, they are able to alert on any behavior that are off the base line and spot even the most subtle emerging anomalies . . . 

They do this all in real time without rules, signatures, agents or any a’ priori knowledge of your environment.

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